Environment, Society, Governance

The ambition to behave as a responsible citizen in every manner is strongly reflected in the way ESVAGT honours its social responsibility.


ESVAGT is a strong supporter of human rights and justice.


Engaging with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #16; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions is hereby a natural choice.


ESVAGT is committed to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of nationality, gender, belief, or other personal characteristics. ESVAGT is actively engaged in attracting more women into the shipping industry, as the shipping industry has historically not been good at employing women. ESVAGT has several women among its crews today, and ESVAGT is proud to count Ida Teglgaard, the first woman to be certified Ampelmann gangway operator in the world, among our ranks. Presently, no woman is part of the Board of Directors despite a strong desire, and it is ESVAGT’s clear intention to enrol female Board members when this becomes possible.


In addition, ESVAGT takes responsibility for providing education opportunities for young apprentices at Danish maritime institutes like “Skoleskibet Danmark” and “Georg Stage”. ESVAGT is, and has been for years, the shipping company enrolling the highest number of apprentices in Denmark, as well as taking part in similar joint industry initiatives through the membership of “Danske Rederier”.


ESVAGT encourages healthy living including healthy eating and engages crews in friendly inter-crew fitness competitions, and takes a responsibility in terms of the mental well-being of the crew as well.


In ESVAGT, any violation of the human rights is against its core values and cannot be tolerated. Nor will ESVAGT accept child labour in any form.


ESVAGT will not tolerate corruption or condone social dumping.


There is a zero-tolerance policy towards any type of bullying or harassment.


See further information in our Code of Conduct.


Lastly, ESVAGT has a fully implemented whistleblower system allowing all employees and stakeholders to safely and anonymously report any concern regarding any violation of the above-mentioned principles.